Photography Style

There are many styles and types of photography.

My natural style is relaxed, informal and tells the story of your day, event, business or family.

Just a few examples and terms are shown below for ideas. The list isn't exhaustive but will hopefully be of help.

High key

2018_12_12_11_32_55_IMG_1109-Edit Charli
2016_10_29_10_45_34_IMG_9353-Edit-Edit A
2017_07_06_17_34_57_IMG_0797-Edit Freyja

Low key

2018_11_11_16_11_23_IMG_9139-Edit Freya
2018_12_06_10_57_28_IMG_0274-Edit Zach -
2018_12_01_10_54_55_IMG_0052-Edit-2 Jax


183826IMG_2204-Edit Alice - High Key.jpg
2016_04_17_14_11_27_IMG_3622-Edit Oliver
2019_02_19_15_54_58_IMG_0471-Edit Square

Location or Home

173711IMG_5312-Edit-Edit Isabella - Own
174545IMG_6305-Edit Jenny & Lydia - Loca
2018_06_29_17_04_22_IMG_6381-Edit Freya

Portable home Studio