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Community photography

When we are not working, it's great to be able to unwind with an interest, hobby or activity which we care about. Many want to record this time with special photographs of themselves and maybe include their friends or family too.

Sports clubs, social activities, community groups and charity events are just a few areas which immediately come to mind.

Organisations and groups can often benefit by having photographs taken of their events or activities with little or even no cost to themselves.


Photographs can be posted online using a secure password for members to view their own gallery, whenever it is convenient, from the comfort of their own homes. This option allows for members to enjoy viewing the photos at their leisure and gives the option to pay to own them. They can download digital copies or have them printed through a secure online service by one of the UK's largest award winning professional photo labs. Products available include, prints, wall art or even novelty products such as mugs, mousemats, coasters or fridge magnets.

An added benefit of this option is that a selection of photographs are usually made available to the organisers, which can then be used for promotion or 

 marketing through their websites and social media platforms.

It would be a great compliment and privilege to photograph your organisation, group, event or activity both now and for years to come.

Whether you are newly established or have been around for years, please let me know about your upcoming events, milestones or requirements.

It would be fantastic to be able to build you a bespoke service or show you some examples of how others have benefitted from this service in the past.


"... photographing peoples passions"

Let's talk

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1/ Contact

Please let me know what you have in mind and remember to include details regarding the ideal date, time, event, location, description, ideas, style, budget etc.

2/ Photograph

Images can be taken at your event, home, on location or in my home Studio.

3/ View

The  results can be viewed on-line or on a large screen slideshow, to ensure you see the full results at the best possible resolution and size.


North East Lincolnshire

DN35 0SS

Tel: 07927 936600


Thanks for getting in touch!

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