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This is not for everyone but for me it is probably the most important part.

I am not always good with words and prefer visual information.

The word picture above probably tells you most about me, what makes me tick and the values I aspire to.


I'd be grateful if you would be honest with me and if you think I am found lacking in any of these areas, please let me know. My aim is to provide photography, products and services to likeminded people, who value what I do. I can only grow, improve and delight those I work for, if they give me honest, constructive and helpful feedback on what they love about my work and how I could improve further.

Believe it or not, I am actually an introvert, being rather shy and preferring to work in the background. If I'm asked for my opinion however, I am sometimes not as subtle or tactful as I could be. If I'm a little blunt, it is not because I don't care but in fact, the exact opposite. Honesty is one of the most important values to me. I always promise to be honest with you, please do the same with me and let me know if I'm not delivering exactly what you would like.

Having a good life is about strong and healthy relationships. I want to work with people who respect me, value what I do and want to have a friendly relationship that will hopefully last a lifetime. I am told I am a perfectionist and I guess that's what makes me strive to produce my best possible work, to always want to improve and to give those I work with, the greatest possible photography, value and service.

... more!

My Dad has always said, he only knows of one photograph taken of him as a child (as shown opposite).

The only few professional wedding photographs my parents have, were taken for free by the local newspaper and these have ‘proof’ stamped across them. My Dad always made sure that photos were taken in our family, as soon as he could afford to buy a camera. This is a tradition that I’ve continued as our family has grown. This has spread to include friends and then other families, with the growth of my photography business.


Photography resonates with me, particularly portraits surrounding my family. Treasured images are of couples, brides, new babies, children and grandparents. They are of great emotional and historical significance to me and my family.

Having beautiful images to record those we love, milestones in their lives and special times shared together is so precious.


Photography has never been so popular but is often lost in the digital deluge. The rise of smartphone photography has made image making easy and accessible but often at the cost of quality. Gone are the days when we would wait with anticipation for our precious moments to be developed, before mounting them to take pride of place amongst our most treasured possessions. Nowadays, captured images are often lost, deleted or not securely backed-up. We may be surprised when they get lost or are not available in years to come.


Who doesn't love great photographs of their family, including the important events and milestones shared? These are just too important for ‘snapshots and selfies’. They should be captured in ultra-high definition, in a beautifully artistic way and then displayed, treasured and passed down as family heirlooms for future generations.

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